IP logging plugin for WordPress

I’ve developed a small WordPress plugin for logging IP address, Referrer and User Agent strings to database. This plugin also displays total number of visits in WP Dashboard.

This kind of plugin is useful on hosting plans which don’t grant access to server logs. A while ago one of my blogs hosted on free hosting account got slammed with bot traffic. The free hosting plan had only 5 GB of monthly traffic and my blog was getting more than 2 GB per day. I couldn’t see the access parameters and had no way of doing anything.

This plugin saved my skin. It enabled me to track and block (with .htaccess)  about a dozen IP addresses and everything was fine afterwards.

The plugin is very simple and still a bit crude. You’d have to dig through database with phpmyadmin or in some other way to get to the data. I have plans for upgrades, but I have very little time.

You can get it from GitHub.

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