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My first PC had Windows XP on it and for a long time I used mostly Windows. I played with Linux in dual boot setup and on virtual machines and over time I was using Linux more and more. In recent time I stopped using Windows and about two years ago I wiped the last remains of Windows 7 for my laptop. I knew I would completely abandon Windows when Windows 8 came out. Now I only have an XP virtual machine, that I don’t even use.

I’ve been hearing a lot of smart people say some nice things about Windows 10 and now I got the chance to test it out. No, I wasn’t interested in the latest version of Windows at all, I just needed to run an application that’s not available for Linux (Debloater for Android) and that wouldn’t run properly in the emulator.

So, I borrowed a laptop and got to work. The glorious Windows 10 spent some 15 minutes installing drivers for my phone. Then, Windows required a reboot, because drivers were not installed properly. That was pretty annoying, but OK, I rebooted it. And then, Windows spent 35 minutes installing updates. Incredible!

To compare, on Linux, I can instantly access the phone when I connect it over USB. Rebooting is rarely required when upgrading and reboots are quick. The only time I spent significantly long time upgrading Linux was when I was upgrading Debian 8 to Debian 9, which is to be expected for upgrading the whole OS. How can Windows be so bad!? And you have to pay for it!!

I hope I won’t have to touch Windows again anytime soon!

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